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Fairbox makes shopping for your health and well-being cheaper and easier.

Regardless of whether you train as hard as an elite athlete, or are as active as the average person, vitamins and supplements can play an important part in rounding out a nutritious diet.

And if you feel good, you want to look good. Through Fairbox you are sure to find beauty products that will help you look your best.

Not only will you save substantially on most items compared to buying them locally, Fairbox offers a unique way to drive down the cost of international shipping!

If you were to shop online at various stores and sites, you would have to pay handsomely for the shipping of each box sent from each vendor to you.

At Fairbox, your purchases are sent to our central warehouse located in the U.S. and consolidated into one box.

But here’s the best part - through Fairbox you can let friends and family know that you are buying stuff online, and easily invite them to shop and add their items to your box!

We call this, naturally, your “Fairbox.”

When others make purchases and add their items to your Fairbox, or when you join in on a Fairbox, you only pay your share of the shipping charges.

Think about it … if you ship one thing to yourself, it may cost $40.00 in shipping charges. But if just one other person joins in on the box, your shipping cost could be cut in half! The more who join in, the greater the potential savings.

So think of Fairbox the next time you shop online for vitamins, supplements, or beauty products.

Our Sign-up process is simple, and you will quickly be on your way to enjoying big savings while having fun shipping with friends.

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